Because the Baby Would Rule Alone

Good message this morning on Joy, you know the joy that passes all understanding. Christmas is a time for joy, a wonderful time of the year that I personally love to experience. The lights, trees, gifts, Santa’s that fill our house, nativity scenes in yards and yes in our house as well. Some might think we have succumbed to the pressures of the world and rejected the babe in the manger, yet I get it.

Christ is born for all His reasons, not ours. Yet His reason is to gift us. So Jesus brings stability to our world by being born on the side of the road in route to a census count. He is forced to greet the world and behold its plight in a most worldly and befitting way. Most people think how sad; the Savior King of the world is born in a most humiliating way, yet could it be this is the most fitting place considering its (the world’s) condition? Hasn’t the world made and accumulated a manure pile to receive Him? It demonstrates the determination of the Creator to orchestrate a do what ever it takes plan to save us from ourselves. Personally I am not surprised one iota of his mode of operandi, as it adds credibility to His ultimate planned goal.

But I started this little conversation with Joy, which when understood correctly, we see the babe in the manger for who He truly is! A fact we don’t fully realize till a few months down the road. True Joy is the understanding that Jesus Christ shows us from hanging on a tree. Because if He hadn’t done this, if He hadn’t sacrificed Himself on that tree, but had instead, taken the throne like everyone wanted Him to at that time, He would be sitting on the throne alone, with no kingdom, no church and no sons or daughters to commune with in eternity.

Merry Christmas

Experience true Joy by accepting Christ’s Gift of eternal life this Christmas season.

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From the beginning of my walk with the Lord I have always been skeptical of the timing of certain revelations He has presented to me.  I used to delay my obedience, for a period of time, usually due to a lack of confidence in my correct interpretation of Christ’s instructions, or maybe simply His introduction of the person, or organization he wants me to learn of, and from.  Haven’t we all believed the saying “it’s too much of a coincidence, or it’s too good to be true?  There is nothing more embarrassing to me than being incorrect or duped by someone, or something, of a more sinister nature, thus making me look quite foolish.  Time however, has the ability from the sheer aspect of repetiveness to show me Christ does in fact arrange these coincidences for a reason.  For just the right reason that one person, or one message shows up to answer that relevant question that I have had asked of me, or by me.  So, why is this worth mentioning?

Well first, is it not our responsibility to share the truth of our experience with one another?  It is after all one of the instructions left from Christ for us to accomplish?  So, likely the biggest hurdle we have in listening to Jesus is simply taking the time to hear him out.  Also likely is the fact we are more used to hearing from everything and everyone else but Jesus.  The world’s distractions are louder, and more visual indeed.

Hopefully we now see the importance of slowing down, spending the time to hear Christ and proclaim to others what we have learned.  So, I do have an example; a very recent one I would like to share.  I came across a church leader that I had never heard of before, but yet, one that his messages, and style that he delivered them in intrigued me.  Yet I was skeptical as to whether his complete history was based in a Godly and respectable truth.  I didn’t want to share his quotes or any of his teachings if other works he had prepared in the past could be construed as in error.  Because one of the faults of today’s technology is it is too readily at our fingertips.  Any article we are interested in, if it fits the narrative we are looking to believe in, falls into our lap, then we simply share as the truth we have all been waiting for.  I on the other hand attempt to take more time to verify the accuracy of the author and his historical contributions.  Sometimes, however I don’t have to do the work myself, God intervenes and validates for me.  My example continues now, from hearing of a teacher in the church from a few hundred years ago, and while I was procrastinating my research of him, I am listening to a sermon series from a trusted teacher of today, one that I have trusted for many years.  One that I have listened to hundreds of sermons of in the past.  Now for the Godly revelation and coincidence.  I had never once, in the hundreds of sermons that I heard John MacArthur preach ever hear him mention J.C. Ryle.  Yet just a day after choosing to wait before sharing any message from J.C., here is MacArthur introducing me to him with a complete history of his life and ministry, laying out the verification I needed to be reassured of as being acceptable to introducing him to others as an honorable teacher.

Once again God has demonstrated His ability to teach me at any given moment and at any given time.  And now I pass on to you the knowledge and the need for you to not look upon any event simply as a coincidence, but actually as an opportunity to learn from Christ in the classroom of life.

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Just Doing What I Am Told

     Evangelism; I am not good at it.  When the Good Lord dispersed my gifts to me He had something else in mind in regards to the gifts I would polish, hone, sharpen and ultimately practice.  For someone to accuse me of abusing the spiritual directive to go forth and make disciples of men by smacking a few wayfaring strangers upside the head with a bible, would be sadly lacking in evidence of any dents in the cover of my bible.  The Lord gifted me to read scripture, to study it, to dissect it and I’m now learning He is crafting within me the desire, at least, to write what He taught me in these steps.  But this doesn’t mean I have the gift of evangelism, it means I have the gift of teaching, or of prophecy.  So how does one of my ability go about achieving or at least attempting to fulfill Jesus’s command to go witness?  Well one idea would be to write it all down.  

I know people do not always respect the Christian, yes even me, because of a preconceived opinion of the hypocritical behavior of said Christian.  Yes including me.  But who ever decided I was or was to be perfect?  Or who decided I was to be consistently above a certain criteria that was determined by someone other than my savior Jesus?  I really hate to break it to you but I never have been perfect, I am only what Christ has made me into this day.  And doesn’t that sound exactly like everyone else in the world?  Everyone falls short of this standard, period.  There is no hope, there is only exasperation and futility in our dilemma.  There is no hypicritical behavior on my part, more likely it continues has the human nature buried within me that sneaks out now and then, identifying itself as sin.  

So does the world consider it sin only when assigning it to a Christian, but classify it as the newest modern choice for the individual outside the confines of the church?  The point attempting to be made here is that we are all in the same boat.  My failures are no different than yours.  Oh, we may have different descriptions of how we went about errors in our lives, but when it gets down to it, we both fail to meet any of God’s standards.  And I realize I am focusing my thoughts most recently to those who are open to the existence of and/or the need to recognize God as being important to their existence.  

To reach the atheist may require a different message, however that doesn’t mean they are excused from their actions either, it just means the mount is somewhat steep.  To have an answer to yours, or their question though is what my task is at hand.  This is where the title comes from.  I am doing what I was told to do.  Doing what Christ has asked me to do.  I am not judging anyone, for I myself am unrighteous. The desire to please my Savior however is a strong bond, as it should be, for His desire is for you to know Him.  If mine, or a Christian partner of mine’s, attitude comes across as pushy, or it appears I may raise my bible to “strike”, please understand the overzealous action is from a flawed human reaction of impatience in achieving success for my Master.  And, as I have already mentioned, I’m not really that good at evangelism.  Christ is however!  And we can join Him together in battle, continuing the fight alongside Him instead of living life alone believing our personal kingdom is the answer.  So turn to Him, seek His companionship, confess your flawed human choices (yep sin), ask forgiveness and welcome the creator of the universe into your new life.  

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Can We Just Stop Bashing The Family!

I have really had it with this world, this movement to rip to shreds the family!  To incrementally tear at the core, the fabric of our existence as a humanity and yes as a nation.  We are seeing the results of years of a well planned attack to remove the family from its role as the bedrock foundation of our culture.  Up till now those that believed the family was how to function in their communities were left to figure that out on their own or with the assistance of other friend and family in their communities.  But now to support other participants in our culture that chose to live outside the family structure we are told to not offend people by promoting the family.  

The debate has been discussed long enough, it may look settled but there comes a time to stand up and sound an alarm.  So a gay couple now is offended because my family looks too family, really, did they not realize when they formed their relationship that bearing children would be somewhat difficult?  And all the people that are supporting their right to live that way just won’t let the family alone.  Just how far do we plan to take this brilliant venture?  Enough’s enough, but you know what, I seem to remember saying the same dang thing when the Supreme Court made that rule some time back, but here we go.  

The old standards no longer bear any practicality for consideration today.  Instead they just make up the rules as they go along, deciding anything goes unless it’s you, that traditional family facilitator that dares to multiply in increments the size and scope of his family unit, encouraging his children to multiply their family by adding grandchildren.  So I hereby encourage my kids to go forth and increase the number of grandkids in our flock.  And to the unmarried wait till you are, and to those who stopped up their plumbing, go have Dr. Plumber remove the plug.

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Time to be creative.

It’s time to write again.  If I am going to constantly have this iPad in my possession I might as well put it to positive use.  Netflix, Amazon Prime, games and other sites pass the time, but do they really stretch the creativity of a person?  Especially folks that really do enjoy writing.  So here it goes!

But how do I, and what do I write that benefits the reader as much as, and ideally more than it does the literary ameture.  Hey, how about politics?  No? Yea I agree, it seems as though that topic is really nasty to bring up these days.  After all, I as an ameture literary scribe would naturally like people to return to read and contemplate some meaningful tidbits of discussion on a regular basis.  Ok, how about theology?  No, that’s too controversial also?  Philosophy, how about that?  Huh, too deep.  To close to theology probably I would imagine as well.  Ok, the topics are dwindling fast here, at least those that I may have just enough insight to get twisted up in a knot of controversy with.  Shall we discuss the current moral dilemma of boys, or should I refer to them as young men, in the young women’s bathroom?

Do you see the dilemma here?  No matter what we mutually decide to communicate together about it comes down to right versus wrong.  Not going to sugar coat the reality of life and many of its circumstances here because in my opinion that doesn’t benefit either party, you or I.  My desire would be to make this effort of re-establishing the benefit of reading and writing together on a regular basis.  Without getting slandered, threatened, censored or even locked up!  Words should form and flow into sentences naturally in such a way that we consequently begin the process of discernment and study of ideas and theory on a regular basis.  And guess what?  This actually can be done in a civil manner, without vulgarity and the terms used a couple sentences earlier.  So to repeat, my goal is to engage in enlightening, thought provoking topics daily or as close to that frequency I can get to.  And I realize I may not get a single response to any article I produce, however yet another goal is to get my mind engaged in productive activity instead of the crap mentioned earlier.  So I’m going to post this blog announcing at the same time I wish to improve the productivity of my mind and will be pleased if I am able to motivate somebody else to pick up there literary device of choice and join me.

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Ashamed of The Constitution?

Amendment 1

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Do you find any words in this phrase to concern you?  Any evidence of its relevance or truth of statement being cherished and honored today by the country as a whole?  

Let’s break it apart, looking word by word, or phrase by phrase.  Congress, meaning just that,  the legislative branch of the government, shall make no law.  Pretty sure the meaning is can’t do it, can’t make a law respecting an establishment of religion.  So Congress  is not to establish or create any religion.  The government, or a state may not place a religion as an official sanctioned religion or church of the government, and thus forcing its citizens to worship, and or fellowship in a official state sponsored church.  Or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; tied to establishment of religion by the or, and allows for free excercise of a persons religion.  So no restraints to a person’s religion.  Remember though there are restraints found within most religions that is expected in some form of either faith or works.  Faith to believe in and works as a type of obedience.  But I’m starting to go down a bunny trail here, the purpose is to instruct us that there is to be no state sponsored, or federal govenment church telling its citizens how to be religious, or how to worship.  It also instructs that the government cannot tell it’s citizens what it must, or must not believe in any religion.  Meaning the government cannot tell me I have to believe in homosexuality when it, or a segment of the population is misinterpretating a part of scripture found within a religious system.  Or, abridging the freedom of speech, meaning anything I speak to or about, using verbal speech, or written word, shall be allowed and not hindered.  Or, of the press, yes we now switch from freedom of expression of religious and personal terms, but also the press is free to report and share with the citizens.  Meaning government is not allowed to put words in the printing press itself, it is to allow the press the freedom to report its findings without fear of unwarranted monitoring, and editing by the government.  Or of the right of the people peaceably to assemble. Now citizens are given the right, the permission to assemble, if they do it peaceably, and finally, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances, meaning the Government must allow the means for its citizens to petition their Government safely and with no fear of reprisal.  Meaning the IRS can’t audit you for raising suspicions.  

There we have the first amendment explained the way my mind understands it tonight.  I have heard quite a few examples lately of this amendment not being followed, of one segment of the population being placed above another based on what?  Public emotions?  Public sympathy?  Too many people are being fired for what they say, or being sued for what they believe because of what?  Good luck answering this question!  My answer would be,  emotional, angry, manipulative extremist need reigned in now before they tear this country apart.  

Time to stand for the truth of the Constitution and for the Word of God.  Freedom of religion ties God to the Constitution in a unique way that empowers the people, not the Government.  At least that’s how it is supposed to work.

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Did the country reject God or The Constitution first?

I ask the question based on my observation of our current level of war on words.  Our leaders are redefining words, or molding them to fit a belief, or emotion by mis-interpretating The Constitution from years of observing the Bible being mis-interpreted by liberal minded theologians and demoninations.  Our Constitution was based in my opinion, on the foundational truth found within the Word of God.  The same concrete, unchanging attributes of instructions for life found in the Bible are similar to the intent of the founding fathers in creating the Constitution.  It was designed in a such way for the country to be governed by the people, but and this is a good sized but, the people need to stay grounded in the Bible first for this experiment in democracy to maintain its effectiveness.  The three branches of our government were supposed to have provided the needed checks and balances along with a knowledgable people to provide another check by voting representatives into the Legislative and Administrative branches of the government.  

So how in the world did we get here?  Approval of the separate branches are deplorable, and yet the people put them there.  So what were the expectations of the people?  Personal compensation, selfishness, entertainment?  If the people were selecting representatives based on a higher standards such as integrity, honesty, financial fiscal accountability, would not the end results be much higher?  Wouldn’t approval rate of the Government be over 60%?  Does the legislative branch being under 30% place the burden squarely back on the people for voting them in?  Well yes and no.  The power hungry establishment in Washington has figured out how to manipulate the people into selecting who they belief will honestly serve the needs of their communities.  This is a false perception, unrecognized from years of training people to less critical thinking and slowly spoon feeding them to the point they are now dependent on it.  The people who have managed to see through the smoke screen and maintain a level of comprehension are the minority now.  They have learned to provide for themselves, not needing to be fed by the Government, and consequently disengaging from the process.  

All the evidence is here, the people have rejected God.  Society believes it can survive on its own, by supporting moral relative truth, but to do that, it (society) must totally reject God.  In doing so it learned it could reject the Constitution as well.  The Government of the United States of America is in a free fall.  Who is able to right this free fall?  Hillary, Trump, Paul, Cruz, Walker?  The people?  Might I suggest we call on God first since His model is what we abandoned first!  Next we really need to select the right President along with compatable representatives in both the Senate and the House.  To achieve that will take a miracle however, so once again more reason to focus on God.  I believe true conservatives must be selected in all houses for us to correct this.  Have we had a true conservative lately?  Nope, and that’s the problem today, people consider past republicans as conservative when in actuality they have been pretty moderate when directing the country.  Reagan was the best example but we will need to execute a bold conservative plan that will be much more conservative than even President Reagan.  Need to hear it again?  We need to turn to God!  

Good night friends,


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